Day Doubles

Rules of Doubles Curling (Hudson Legion Curling Club)  2023-24

1. A team is composed of two players

2. The scoring shall be the same as in a regular game of curling.

3. The “positioned” stones that are placed before the beginning of each end are eligible to be counted in the scoring.

 4. Each game will be scheduled for eight (8) ends.

5. Each team shall deliver five (5) stones per end. The player delivering the team’s first stone of the end must also deliver the team’s last stone of that end. The other team member shall deliver the team’s second, third and fourth stones for that end.

6. The player delivering the first stone will change from end to end.

7. Modified FGZ – No stone in play, including the “positioned” stones and those in the house, can be moved to an out-of-play position prior to the delivery of the fifth stone of an end. In our case the fifth stone will be the first stone delivered by the second player. The two placed stones count as the first two stones out of four.  (The fifth stone is the first stone that can remove any stone from play). If there is a violation, the delivered stone shall be removed from play, and any displaced stone(s) shall be replaced to their original position by the non-offending team.

8. While the team is in the process of delivery, the non-delivering player must be positioned inside the hogline, with at least one foot on the ice surface at the playing end of the team’s sheet, OR, in a position on the team’s sheet to sweep the delivered stone. After delivery, either or both players may sweep their delivered stone and any stones set in motion that belong to their team anywhere from the far hog line into the house, in other words no sweeping between the hog lines. This applies during all of the team’s delivered stones, including the Last Stone Draws.

9. If a player delivers a stone out of proper rotation, that stone is returned to the hack to be delivered by the correct player, after any displaced stones have been replaced to their original positions by the non-offending team. Should the infraction not be discovered until after the delivery of a subsequent stone, play continues as if the infraction had not occurred.

 10. Based on the ice conditions, when no event official is available to make the decision, the teams shall determine the specific placement of the Position A Stone prior to the start of the pre-game practice (if applicable), and that same placement must be used for the entire game.

11. Position of stationary stones – Prior to the start of every end, the team with the choice (or hammer) shall place their team’s stationary stone, and their opponent’s stationary stone, in either position “A” or “B”: The Position “A” stone is placed bisecting the centre line, midway between the hog line and the front of  the house The Position “B” stone is placed so it bisects the centre line and the back edge of the stone is in alignment with the back edge of the four foot. If they choose to place their stone ‘out front’, they shall deliver first stones in the end. Therefore, should they choose to be behind the button, they shall have last stone in the end. The team not scoring in the previous end, shall have the ‘choice’ in the next end. If the end is blanked, the choice shall change to the team that delivered first in the blanked end.

 Doubles set up

Power Play

12. Power Play - Once per game, each team with last stone, has the option to place the stones in a “power play” position. The in-house stone (A) of the team with last stone in that end is placed with the back edge of the stone on the teeline, splitting the 8 foot and the 12 foot rings. The guard is repositioned from the centre-line to a direct line between the middle of the in house stone and the middle of the hack. The in-house stone will be directly behind the guard. The guard position will be at the same distance from the rings as the normal position of the centre guard for that game. The team calling the power play can decide which side of the house they would like the stone to placed. A power play cannot be called in extra ends.

Doubles power play





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